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  • Tune Your Scary Car
    Tune Your Scary Car

    This Halloween you are working in a car shop and all kind of spooky clients are coming in, asking you to customize their cars with skeletons, pumpkins and evil clowns. But first you will have to wash, dry and wax the car so it becomes very clean and shiny. Then choose the right colors, tires and accessories to match the desire of your customer. You have to get it as close to perfect as possible in order to win and move on to the next level. Play this exciting game as many times as you want! Have a blast!
  • Simple Colors 2
    Simple Colors 2

    Emma and Fiona are two best friends who love to go shopping together. They have a certain style and they prefer to keep things simple. Today they are going to buy simple colored clothes and combine them with different items. When they finish shopping they are going to sip their lattes at their favorite coffee shop.
  • DIY Monster High Rain Boots
    DIY Monster High Rain Boots

    Let\’s get this fun shoes decoration game started and first of all, let\’s go to a local shop to buy the needed items that you are going to need for this creative task: spot a pair of pink boots, some Monster High stickers, a blade and a pair of scissors, a big bowl, a bottle of collage pauge, a brush and a ultra dry spray. Great job, ladies! Now move on the next page of the game, step into the shoes of a super talented shoe designer and learn how to decorate these pinkish boots step-by-step.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies
    Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

    We see cute turkey cookies everywhere in the bakery shop because Thanksgiving is coming! But you know what? These turkey cookies are pretty easy to make! Play this fun game and let's find out! First you need to find all the ingredients and tools. Then follow the instructions step by step. You will have these cute turkey cookies for thanksgiving dinner! Have fun!
  • Sweet Revenge
    Sweet Revenge

    Crazy Dad is about to go crazy! His kids spend all his money on candies and therefore forced to find a way to get the local candy shop out of business!
  • ShopKeep Quest
    ShopKeep Quest

    Buy market items at low prices, then sleep & sell at high prices. Earn & upgrade your own shop.
  • Baby Shower Cake Decoration
    Baby Shower Cake Decoration

    You works in the best bakery shop in town. One client ordered a baby shower cake for his cute baby girl. You are supposed to make a baby shower cake for them. Choose a cake shape and start the decoration with so many items. Have fun!
  • Burger Panic
    Burger Panic

    Burger Panic, simple pixel games, little sister opened burger shop, according to customers ordering things to them you can.
  • Shopping for College
    Shopping for College

    Let's bring some fashion to the college! It's a place to express ourselves and our style is the best way to do it! Let's shop a little bit and buy clothes to wear in the lab today!
  • Winter Trip To Milan
    Winter Trip To Milan

    I always wanted to take a trip to Milan, the heart of the fashion world! I am finally here, with all my hopes and dreams! I will discover the places I've always wanted to see and I will shop till I drop! I will make this vacation an unforgettable time in my life!
  • The Cake Girl
    The Cake Girl

    Emma is a beautiful and cute girl who owns a wonderful cake shop. Today she is very happy because she has been invited to attend a famous making cake contest. She wants to have a good performance on the contest. Come to help her dress up beautifully, and at last choose one beautiful cake for her to attend the contest. I believe with your help our cake girl will have a good performance in the game.
  • Epic Celeb Brawl: Miley
    Epic Celeb Brawl: Miley

    Take advantage of this game and experience what it's like grapple with celebrity. Give Miley hefty beaten. Earn in this game different gold belts and buy weapons in the shop.
  • Dr. Null
    Dr. Null

    Dr. Null, Doctor of Science, dangerous criminal, counterfeiter. He finances his inventions by printing money in his own print shop. His criminal activities attracted the attention of the authorities. A large-scale military campaign is being waged against the Doctor. Cornered and desperately defending himself, he developed the construction of a gigantic combat robot…
  • 6teen Barista Star
    6teen Barista Star

    Congrats, you got a job at Grind Me, the mall coffee shop. How many customers can you serve before your shift ends in in super 6teen game.
  • Sparkle Prom Dresses
    Sparkle Prom Dresses

    You have been asked to the prom and it is time for you to shop for a dreamy dress. Try our collection, you will be charmed :)
  • Gracie's Fruteria
    Gracie's Fruteria

    Here your task is to help a girl named Gracie to manage her own fruit shop. Serve the customers, earn as much money as you can, buy new fruits and upgrades for your shop – and you will become rich soon! Have fun!
  • Shopping Friends Dressup
    Shopping Friends Dressup

    Shop \’til you drop, but only if you have the right frock! Help this friends choose dress before the shopping begins.
  • Car Care Point
    Car Care Point

    Your car care shop is getting more and more popular, as you continue to take care of the cars like your babies! Provide the required services by dragging the car to the right station with your mouse, earn money, and upgrade your store with new auto services! Have fun!
  • The Treasures of Montezuma 2
    The Treasures of Montezuma 2

    This is one of those high quality match-three games. You need to switch positions of adjacent items to form lines of 3 or more identical ones. Your goal is each level is to eliminate all items that have a gem inside. You can shop for upgrades between levels.
  • Super Mario Shoot
    Super Mario Shoot

    Mario Brothers want to run a fruit shop.But there are no fruits.Help Mario collect enough fruits to complete levels.
  • Sasha's Health Spa
    Sasha's Health Spa

    Run a spa shop. Keep your customers happy and relaxed to earn the most money.
  • Emo Beauty Hair Salon Makeup
    Emo Beauty Hair Salon Makeup

    For so long Barbie has been pestering her mother to engrave tattoo on the face. Her Mom just couldn\’t bear Barbie\’s consistent pestering. So she gave permission to have tattoos. By the way, she is straightaway coming to your shop. Before engraving tattoos, do some makeover on her. You can change the dress, trim the eye brow, change the colour of the lips, and adorn her with a necklace and so on. And then apply tattoos on the right hand, on the face or on the chest. Do the makeover according to her physical appearance. These tattoos will remain forever. So engrave in a way that it has to be stylish and attractive. Here we hand over Barbie to you. Beautify her with your magical touch.
  • CleanUp My Spa
    CleanUp My Spa

    Our City Hair Salon has been completely transformed in to a mess after a day long work. Now its time to start the new day with a smile. We know that first impression is the best impression so lets clean up the junk found outide our shop and moving forward will clean up the interiors. So roll up the sleeves and let's get busy before our customers turn up.
  • Sami's Nail Studio
    Sami's Nail Studio

    Sami has opened her own studio and the shop is already a great success! From far and nearby people come to see Sami for her advice and skills. In this game you have to help Sami run the studio. By reaching the daily goals you can unlock special upgrades for the studio.

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