Littlest Pet Shop gry

  • Animal Defense
    Animal Defense

    Defend your animal babies by shoot incoming waves of attacking animals. Includes upgrade shop.
  • Girls Love Candy
    Girls Love Candy

    Give into candy overload! We are going to shop crazily from the new store. Strawberry, peach and chocolate flavors will no doubt make our day! Put on some fancy clothes, we're going to have some fun!
  • Idle Gladiators
    Idle Gladiators

    Buy & manage your gladiators. Train, rest & work them to earn money for more. Don't forget the shop!
  • Revenge of Brainzilla: Bomb the Humans
    Revenge of Brainzilla: Bomb the Humans

    Take out cop cars & humans down below as a giant, floating, attacking brain. Upgrade threw the shop.
  • 8-Bit Mage
    8-Bit Mage

    As your Mage auto-shoots, stay away from enemies & grab coins they drop to upgrade in shop.
  • Tune Your Truck
    Tune Your Truck

    You are working in a big truck shop where you can help all your customers by cleaning up their vehicles and then tuning them. You have to pay attention to what your clients want and make sure you get every part right. In cleaning their vehicle you have to be accurate in order to get a higher score. Make sure you are very fast, because time is limited and you will have to finish before it runs out. You will also get a time bonus if you finish faster. Enjoy playing this amazing game!
  • Tune Your Scary Car
    Tune Your Scary Car

    This Halloween you are working in a car shop and all kind of spooky clients are coming in, asking you to customize their cars with skeletons, pumpkins and evil clowns. But first you will have to wash, dry and wax the car so it becomes very clean and shiny. Then choose the right colors, tires and accessories to match the desire of your customer. You have to get it as close to perfect as possible in order to win and move on to the next level. Play this exciting game as many times as you want! Have a blast!
  • Simple Colors 2
    Simple Colors 2

    Emma and Fiona are two best friends who love to go shopping together. They have a certain style and they prefer to keep things simple. Today they are going to buy simple colored clothes and combine them with different items. When they finish shopping they are going to sip their lattes at their favorite coffee shop.
  • DIY Monster High Rain Boots
    DIY Monster High Rain Boots

    Let\’s get this fun shoes decoration game started and first of all, let\’s go to a local shop to buy the needed items that you are going to need for this creative task: spot a pair of pink boots, some Monster High stickers, a blade and a pair of scissors, a big bowl, a bottle of collage pauge, a brush and a ultra dry spray. Great job, ladies! Now move on the next page of the game, step into the shoes of a super talented shoe designer and learn how to decorate these pinkish boots step-by-step.
  • Zandra's Orchid Garden
    Zandra's Orchid Garden

    Zandra loves orchids! So she rented a place and started to run an orchid garden. Why don\’t you help her and join her magical world of flowers? Choose a pot, and fill it with pot mix. Then water it and choose a seed. You can use supplements and fertilizers to make the flower grow faster. You need to reach the daily target at the end of the day. You can only earn money by selling the flowers or flower parts and you need to do that before the time runs out. You can buy upgrades, colourful pots , different seeds and more from the shop. Have fun growing flowers!
  • Stickman Max Gangs
    Stickman Max Gangs

    Take the role of Max, a cop who is fighting Criminal Gangs in the City. Shoot your way out in 4 different scenarios with increasing difficulty. You can also buy new guns from the shop, and challenge yourself in the survival mode.
  • Stick Squad
    Stick Squad

    Stick Squad is a shooter game with awesome sniping missions. The game features an appealing story line, with our two anti-heroes Damien Walker (Recruit Tactical Sniper) & Ron Hawkins (Veteran assault specialist). Real fans of stick sniper games will love this free shooting game. Sift through over 60 shooting objectives, in 20 breath-taking maps. After successfully completing your missions you will be rewarded with in-game cash money, which you can then use in the gun shop. Upgrade your sniper rifle, assault rifle and handgun or buy new weapons altogether.
  • Sweet Revenge
    Sweet Revenge

    Crazy Dad is about to go crazy! His kids spend all his money on candies and therefore forced to find a way to get the local candy shop out of business!
  • ShopKeep Quest
    ShopKeep Quest

    Buy market items at low prices, then sleep & sell at high prices. Earn & upgrade your own shop.
  • Flower Store Sale
    Flower Store Sale

    Owning your own flower shop is a wonderful experience! You start and end everyday with beautiful smells and it's like a therapy! Well, I love being presentable for my customers as much as I love my shop, too! So, why don't you spare some time to style me for my customers? I'm sure we will have fun!
  • Cycle; Fourth Moon
    Cycle; Fourth Moon

    Mine, fish, garden and shop on a small virtual planet as the world cycles through each day.
  • Jenny & Bubbly
    Jenny & Bubbly

    Jenny is asking her father for a long time to bring her a house rabbit as a gift. One day her father surprised her with a five weeks old rabbit from the pet shop, named bubbly. Jenny was so happy! Help Jenny play with it, feed it and give it a warm daily bath. This game is online.
  • Shopping for College
    Shopping for College

    Let's bring some fashion to the college! It's a place to express ourselves and our style is the best way to do it! Let's shop a little bit and buy clothes to wear in the lab today!
  • Blossoms Wedding Cake
    Blossoms Wedding Cake

    Lisa coms to your bakery shop to order a blossom themed wedding cake. Could you design and decorate the most beautiful blossom-themed wedding cake for her? Have fun!
  • Winter Trip To Milan
    Winter Trip To Milan

    I always wanted to take a trip to Milan, the heart of the fashion world! I am finally here, with all my hopes and dreams! I will discover the places I've always wanted to see and I will shop till I drop! I will make this vacation an unforgettable time in my life!
  • Rock Spring Jumpsuits
    Rock Spring Jumpsuits

    Oh spring! The season when all the ladies can't help themselves but shop! It must be because of the end of those grey skies in the winter... But little bit of color won't hurt anyone, right? Come on then, let's lose ourselves in some vibrant jumpsuits!
  • Cicily's Vegetable Stall
    Cicily's Vegetable Stall

    Cicily opened a new store where she sells fresh organic vegetables. Help her expand her business by selling the veggies and upgrading her shop. Make sure that your customers are satisfied with the products!
  • The Cake Girl
    The Cake Girl

    Emma is a beautiful and cute girl who owns a wonderful cake shop. Today she is very happy because she has been invited to attend a famous making cake contest. She wants to have a good performance on the contest. Come to help her dress up beautifully, and at last choose one beautiful cake for her to attend the contest. I believe with your help our cake girl will have a good performance in the game.
  • Train Raiders
    Train Raiders

    Man the turret on the train & gun down approaching enemies. Upgrade in shop to do more damage.

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